Colorful Beach Trash



Recycle a Canvas Painting!

You need:
1. Scissors.
2. Paper.
3. Mod Podge Glue, Gloss Finish.
4. Paintbrush.
5. Glitter (if needed)

1. Spread the Mod Podge over the whole Canvas. 

2. Start putting down the paper, to create a new picture.

3. After you finish with your picture, turn it over. 

4. Glue the sides to the back to give it a nice look to the edge. 

5. Turn the picture around and Mod Podge the whole front. 
I like to use my fingers, so I can give it an interesting look. 

6. Let it dry and you have yourself a new masterpiece. 



Milk Jug Curtain

We started by collecting a whole lot of milk jugs! We ended up using seven jugs for a 3'x4' window. Make sure they are washed well!
We decided on a design that we liked - alternating small and large rectangles. Then we made two patterns and traced them on the smooth parts of the milk jugs. You don't want the textured parts, like on the handle and the bottom. You can trace your patterns around the corners. They flatten out well once they are cut.
We cut the pieces out using scissors. Then we sanded each piece with medium grit sand paper in a circular motion until they were textured and no longer shiny.
Next we laid the curtain out. We made holes in each piece using a nail that we heated with a candle. A tiny hole punch would work well.
We connected each piece with two silver jump rings.
Then we used some key chain rings (we had a whole bag of them for some reason) to hang our curtain.
Then it was ready to hang.




Clean Baby Food Jar (no top needed)
5" Paper Doily
Rubber Band
Ribbon Rose
Low Temp Glue Gun

Fill jar with potpourri.
Cover with a paper doily or tulle.
Secure with rubber band.
Tie a ribbon around the jar to hide the rubber band.
Optional: Hot glue ribbon rose to area.


Recycled Soda Bottles Are Great For Giving Treats!

Purim Soda in Hand

Purim Soda Bottle Mishloach Manot
You'll Need:
  • Clear soda or other drink bottles
  • Patterned Paper (that you've hopefully printed yourself)
  • Ribbon
  • Cellophane
  • A strong hole punch, my old fashioned metal one works great
How To:
  1. Using a sharp knife, cut off the top curved portion of your bottle, and even it out with scissors. The height of your bottle is up to you, I've always used the maximum height that I could, but you could certainly make them short and cute to hold something small.
  2. Cut your paper to the exact height of the straight portion of the bottle. Depending on the shape of the bottom of your bottle, you will probably not want the paper to extend to the bottom of the bottle as it won't lie flat in that portion.
  3. Insert paper into bottle and secure paper to itself with a piece of tape.
  4. You may want to use a few clothespins or bulldog clips to hold paper in place so that top edge of paper lines up exactly with top edge of bottle.
  5. Punch evenly spaced holes through both the paper and the bottle at the same time
  6. Lace ribbon through the holes moccasin style — the nicest finish I came up with given the rough edge of the soda bottle.
  7. Place cellophane in bottle and then the present or treat, tie with ribbon and trim cellophane to desired  height.
  8. Give to friends and family and get showered with a ton of compliments! Take credit if you like, but do tell them about my blog, would you?

Recycled Toilet-Paper-Roll Wall Decor!

Toilet Paper Tube Wall Art On Blue2
This is a great project for all ages.
Toilet Paper Tube Wall Art On blue

You'll Need:
  • recycled toilet paper tubes, or paper towel tubes, lots of them!
  • white glue or a hot glue gun
  • lots of paper clips, if you're using white glue
Toilet Paper Tube Art How To
How To:
  1. Cut tubes into evenly sized rings. You do want the rings to be the same depth, so do take the extra time to measure! If you want to be a perfectionist, cut with a craft knife and a metal ruler.
  2. Start gluing tubes together. I used hot glue since it's quicker, but I'd recommend using the white glue and paper clips method for kids. Use the paper clips to hold the pieces together as they dry flat on a table.
  3. I really didn't have a plan so I decided to assemble flowers, and figure out what to do with them afterwards! You might want to actually design something first for more certain results. You could even plan your design on the computer!
  4. Run to the neighbors to see if they have some extra tubes, when you run out!
  5. Finish assembling your entire design and paint if desired. Hang and enjoy!


Recycled Pony or Plastic Bead Lampshade.....

All beaded & ready to bake!

15 mins in @ 350, things are gettin' mushy...

Half-hour or so in...

45 mins (?)... is that creamed corn?...
(I had to dremel the center hole out once it cooled, 'cause it closed a tad too much Wink)

The old shade is good for something finally...a mold for the new shade...

Glittery beads rule my world...


Washer Jewelry Tutorial

I saw this tutorial on DIY Creative Juices over a year ago and it has been one of my favorites.  I used this craft in our last MOPS meeting.  Here is what you need.

Some of my instructions have changed over the year.  I also want to mention that you also need some craft glue of some sort that was not in this picture.  I was trying this mod podge product "dimensional magic" instead of judkins diamond glaze. (my opinion:  i like diamond glaze better but for availability and price the mod podge product worked fine for 4.99 at hobby lobby)
ON WITH THE TUTORIAL:  You will need to trace your washer on your scrapbook paper of choice and cut it out.  Use an exacto knife to cut the center circle.

Then you will use the craft glue which i used tacky glue but i have used regular mod podge before to adhere the paper to the washer.

You will need to let it dry.  By the way the picture above is the washer with the glue and the paper was put on directly after.  You don't need to put glue on top of the paper afterwards. Once this is dry I like to sand the edges.  I am pretty rough with my sand paper because i like the scuffed look.  You do this so there is no paper hanging over the edge of the washer which could cause your paper to eventually peel off.

Now you are ready to apply the dimensional magic or diamond glaze.  You want to be somewhat generous with this especially if using the dimensional magic it is not quite as thick as the diamond glaze.

Use a brush to push the glaze to the edges. It looks blue but dries clear.  It takes about 2-3 hours to dry.  Then you can put it on a string.  For this craft I found these snap clasps.  I tied cording to the hoops on them.

Finally put your washer on the necklace.  You can make these two sided too so you get two necklaces in one.  I have also attached rhinestones to them to give another layer to the necklace.  And if you play washers (the game) why not play in style;) I think that would be a great Fathers Day gift for my dad!!


How to Recycle halloween candy into a Xmas wreath!

First you need curling ribbon, some pretty ribbon to make a bow, a small pair of scissors, an 8" or 9" embroidery hoop, spray paint or colored electricians tape and 3 lbs of hard candy.
You can also use the part of embroidery hoop with the metal closure-- just tape over the metal part to secure it together and make sure you place it at the bottom when hanging.

Did I mention loads of candy

First paint or cover your hoop with colored electricians tape (makes it a little prettier as the candy is removed).  Begin by tying about a 2 yard piece of curling ribbon to the hoop and then covering the knot with tape.

Place a piece of candy on the hoop and tightly wrap the curling ribbon around the hoop catching the tail of the candy wrapper

Continue wrapping the candy to the hoop.  If the curling ribbon runs short tie off the ribbon to the hoop and tie on another piece and begin again.  Wrap the candy as close together as you can so you have a full wreath.