Bottle caps are one thing that you will always see at a beach.
I hoping with this idea a lot of people would want to keep their bottle caps then throwing them on the ground. Please keep our beaches clean!

All you need is Bottle caps, paper, glue and clear nail polish. Cut a circle out of paper and glue it right into the bottom of the bottle cap.
Do not brush the nail polish on the paper, just pour a couple of drops onto it. It will take a hour to dry.

To hang it, you would need to drill a hole in the one side of it.
You can always glue a magnet on the back or even glue a pin backing to it.


Very easy to make, all you need is a dark glass bottle that you find on our beaches, clean it out. You can make your own label for it if you would like too. You need any color of the 50 mini lights that they sell around the holidays and silk flowers to decorate the top of the bottle with.
First put the 50 mini lights in the bottle and then stick the stems into the bottle, if there is any silk leaves on the stems please take them off.
Then plug it in and you have yourself a Decorative Light you can put anywhere near an outlet.


Here's a fun way for your child to display his favorite beach snapshot or a collage of your best vacation photos.


Piece of dry driftwood
Tacky glue
Small wooden craft clothespins

Time needed: About 1 Hour
driftwood 1. Remove any sand from the driftwood (a dry paintbrush or soft scrub brush makes a good tool for this). Then simply glue several clothespins to the back of the driftwood, spacing them apart and angling them in a way that will let you attach several photos with none obstructing another. If needed, use rubber bands or twist ties to hold the clothespins in place until the glue dries.