If you been to the beach last month you will notice all that driftwood all over the place, I can't tell you why it is there, but I found a idea what to do with it. Trying to find you more pictures of painted Driftwood. This looks like it would be fun to do with the whole family. The bigger the piece of driftwood the bigger the painting is. I also have seen people hang shells, charms, glass bottles and sea glass from it.


Sea glass:
Also known as beach glass, mermaid's tears, lucky tears, and many other names is glass found on beaches along oceans or large lakes that has been tumbled and smoothed by the water and sand, creating small pieces of smooth, frosted glass. Sea glass is one of the very few cases of a valuable item being created from the actions of the environment on man-made litter.
Sea glass is also needs to be taken off our beaches, if it brakes it is still as sharp as a piece of glass.

Here is an idea, take any kind of wire. I like to use 20ga. Silver wire and just wrap it around the piece of sea glass, hang beads or charms from it or just leave it plain. I have seen Sea glass pendants selling for over $30.00 in stores. A great way to make money and keep the beaches clean.


When we were cleaning up the beach we found newspaper and paper advertisement's just flying around, I was thinking that would make a great looking paper bead. You can make these beads from recycled scrap paper, and string them together to make jewelry!

What you'll need:

  • scraps of wallpaper, magazine pictures, used wrapping paper, colored paper, etc.
  • pencil, ruler, varnish and scissors
  • paste
  • drinking straws
  • thread or yarn

Before you begin, gather all of your supplies together and put them on your work surface. Read all of the directions from start to finish. Now you are ready to begin.

  1. With your scissors, cut long triangles from your paper scraps that are about 1/2-inch wide and 2 1/2-inches long. Make a template to trace, if you wish.
  2. Cover one side of a triangle with paste. Put the paste on the inside of the paper so that the colorful pattern will be on the outside of your bead.
  3. Place the triangle's glued short side on a drinking straw.
  4. Wrap the paper completely around itself on the straw.
  5. Cut away the straw at both ends of the rolled paper.
  6. To make beads with different shapes, vary the size and shape of the paper triangles that you cut.
  7. Then dip it into varnish.
  8. Let your beads dry, and then string them together on your thread or yarn. Knot the ends of the thread together.

Step 1 Step 3
Step 5 Step 6


A Friend sent this picture to me. I guess you just cut the bottoms off a Plastic 2.Lt. soda bottle or even a water bottle for smaller flowers and put 2 holes on the top and 2 holes on the bottom and then hang it on a string.