Display Dish Play

I'm in a constant search for affordable cake stands. I use them at craft fairs to display my cupcake pincushions. Recently, on a Goodwill Hunting trip I came up empty, yet again, in my quest for a cake stand. But hmmm... what about these cute little parfait cups and these nice glass dishes? Could they be brought together in a sturdy yet inconspicuous way?

I bought 4 plates and 4 parfaits, each under a dollar to give it a try. I consulted with my handy hubby who assured me that clear caulk or silicone would do the trick!
snip the tip and apply sparingly around the rim
wait, is this stuff clear? it looks like toothpaste...don't worry, it'll dry clear
invert and carefully center on bottom of plate
use a moistened swab to clean up excess
wait patiently forever, or until they are completely dry. Mine took a good 36 hours.

Empty food boxes + scissors = drawer organizers

We all need drawer organizers right? I'm magnetically drawn to any sort of organizer but I usually balk at spending money on something that is permanently hidden in a drawer just to organize the miscellaneous junk that has gathered there. Plus, I never know if they will fit my drawer or what configuration I would need. For an easier, less expensive, and good-for-the-planet solution look in your pantry instead!
You can measure and draw a line around your box or you can just freehand it like me. You can adjust the height according to what you'll be storing inside. The boxes can be used from any end, just use clear packing tape to close up any open side.
BelladiadrawerorganizerexampleI also use empty dry goods boxes to wrap presents in even though it can be a little embarrassing when the recipient doesn't realize it and starts thanking you for Cheerios or graham crackers ;)

Recycling Glass Jars.

Festive Fairy Light Votive
•small glass jar, drinking glass, etc. with smooth sides - try the thrift shop
for a nice selection
•Gloss Lustre Mod Podge (I love the
smell of Mod Podge!)
•different colors of tissue paper
•paint brush
•dish of water
•wax paper to cover work surface
Step 1: tear the tissue paper into a variety of small pieces
Step 2: working one small area at a time, brush a thin coat of Mod Podge on your glass (you can thin the Mod Podge with water if you'd like or dip your paintbrush back and forth between the Mod Podge and the water)
Step 3: apply one layer of tissue at a time then cover with a thin layer of Mod Podge
Step 4: keep applying tissue then Mod Podge until your glass is covered - you will need a total of about 4 layers of tissue to cover well
Step 5: there is no need to cover the bottom of the votive; tissue can come up above the edge of the glass but don't glue it over the edge
Step 6: when the tissue is still very slightly tacky, trim the edges with scissors and press with your fingers to smooth it out
Step 7: when the votive is completely dry, place a tea light inside and enjoy!