Recycling Glass Jars.

Festive Fairy Light Votive
•small glass jar, drinking glass, etc. with smooth sides - try the thrift shop
for a nice selection
•Gloss Lustre Mod Podge (I love the
smell of Mod Podge!)
•different colors of tissue paper
•paint brush
•dish of water
•wax paper to cover work surface
Step 1: tear the tissue paper into a variety of small pieces
Step 2: working one small area at a time, brush a thin coat of Mod Podge on your glass (you can thin the Mod Podge with water if you'd like or dip your paintbrush back and forth between the Mod Podge and the water)
Step 3: apply one layer of tissue at a time then cover with a thin layer of Mod Podge
Step 4: keep applying tissue then Mod Podge until your glass is covered - you will need a total of about 4 layers of tissue to cover well
Step 5: there is no need to cover the bottom of the votive; tissue can come up above the edge of the glass but don't glue it over the edge
Step 6: when the tissue is still very slightly tacky, trim the edges with scissors and press with your fingers to smooth it out
Step 7: when the votive is completely dry, place a tea light inside and enjoy!

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