What you Need:

  • Empty baby food jar

  • Small amount of poly-fiberfill or cotton balls (enough to fill the jar and a little more so it makes a mound on top)

  • 1 4-inch circle of fabric

  • Rubber band (large enough to fit around the neck of the jar)

  • 12 inches of ribbon

  • Strip of wrapping paper, 3-1/2 inches by 8-inches

  • Clear tape

What you Do:

  1. Place the wrapping paper strip inside the baby food jar, printed side facing out, and secure with tape.

  2. Fill the jar with poly-fiberfill or cotton balls.

  3. Center the fabric circle over the top of the jar and secure with the rubber band.

  4. Tie the ribbon around the jar, covering the rubber band. You may also use plain white paper instead of wrapping paper and draw your own designs on it

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