Last night's project, a basket made from old newspaper. After seeing this post at CraftStylish, I was inspired to try one. Maybe I'll keep books and remote controls in it.

1. I cut the folded edge off a couple sections of newspaper and then cut those pages in half lengthwise. I used about 20 pages for this basket (about 40 strips). My rotary cutter and cutting mat made short work of the cutting. Recommended if you have one.

2. Fold the newspaper pieces in half lengthwise, then again lengthwise into quarters, then into eighths, so you have some sturdy strips. Mine were 3/4" wide. If you want to use fewer, wider strips, use the whole newspaper sheet. Obviously you can adjust the size of your strips.

3. Start weaving from the center outward. Use staples (or glue dots, double-sided tape, etc.) where needed to secure your pieces, especially on the first few strips you put together. You can remove the staples after the basket is finished if you think they're too hideous to bear.

4. When you decide your bottom is big enough (your basket's bottom, that is; I'm sure most of us think our own bottom is plenty large), fold your exposed strips upward at a 90ยบ angle to form the sides. Start weaving in horizontal strips to fill in the sides, securing the ends with staples as you go.

5. When you reach the top, fold the vertical strips over to the inside and secure them with staples, or cut them off. I stapled another strip around the circumference of the top, folded over the rim, to hide the ugly ends. You could use glue or double-sided tape for this if you don't want to see staples.

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