You will need: One Clear 2LT Plastic Soda Bottle. Scissor, Pearl paint for plastic only, hot glue gun, blow dryer and a rhinestone or glass stone for the middle of the flower. 1) Wash out the bottle and make sure it's dry. 2) draw petals in 2 different sizes on the bottle, you may want another bottle depending how big you want your flower to be. 3) Cut them out. 4) Paint only the back side of each petal. 5) Use the hot glue gun to glue the petals together. 6) Wait 5 minutes to set. 7) Turn of the blow dryer and start heating up the flower until you get the effect you want. 8) Hot glue gun the rhinestone in the middle of the flower. 9) if wanted to hot glue a pin backing or a link to hang it on a rope for a necklace.

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  1. that is very creative and beautiful and a wonderful way to recycle


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