Transform a handful of plastic grocery bags into a great pumpkin!

Materials Needed: 8 Plastic grocery bags Newspaper 1 Paper towel tube Orange paint Green paint Glue gun Paint brush Scissors Instructions:

Cut the paper towel tube to about 5” long. Take about 3 pieces of newspaper, lay them in a single layer, and fold them over until they're about 2” wide by the length of the paper.

Glue ends to secure the folded pieces of newspaper. Make about 6 folded strips. Set aside. Take the bags, at the center of the bottom, and pull through your fingers to make it 'flatter'. ... Read More

Glue each bag, from the center bottom with the handles up, next to each other all the way around the paper towel tube, about 3” from the top.

This combination should resemble a pompom. Begin gluing the strips of newspaper to the tube, starting at about 3” from the top.

They should be over the glued ends of the plastic bags. Wrap the strips around the tube, gluing as you go around. When you get to the end of one newspaper strip, add another piece so they are end to end.

Now, pull each bag down by the handles, over the newspaper ‘rib’, to the bottom of the tube and then stuff the handles up into the tube.

Repeat this for all of the paper bags. As you pull down more plastic bags, it gets a bit harder to stuff the handles into the tube so Donna suggests using the end of a pen to shove them in.

To finish your grocery bag pumpkin, pinch and slightly fold in the top of the tube with your fingertips. This will be the stem of your pumpkin.

Paint the pumpkin (grocery bags) orange. Stain the stem with green paint that has been mixed with water to give it a more realistic look.

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