Materials needed:

  1. 2 or 3 liter soda bottles - the number depends on how many tomato planters you want to make.
  2. A glue gun and few sticks of hot melt glue.
  3. Few old CD or DVD discs.
  4. Toenail clipping scissors.
  5. Spray paint of the color that appeals to you: textured or metallic sheens will look better.
Materials for the amazing tomato planter

Here are the step-by-step instructions.

In this post we will make two tomato planters - the Bottle-Bottom Planter and the Wine-glass Planter - from a single soda bottle.

Amazing tomato planter - Step 1

Amazing tomato planter - Step 1

Using a marker pen, carefully mark the middle of the bottle to enable cutting it into two equal halves. You can be creative and make the edge fancy if you like as shown here. Make a pilot cut using a sharp utility knife. Now, insert your toenail scissors through the pilot cut, and then cut the bottle through your mark to make it into two equal halves.

Amazing tomato planter - Step 2

Amazing tomato planter - Step 2

You can as well as put holes on the edge of the bottle bottom planter using a paper punch.

Using a sandpaper lightly smoothen the sharp cut edges.

We will use the bottom half of the bottle to make the bottle bottom planter. The top half of the bottle will become the wine glass planter.

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  1. This is a really great idea!! You could plant pansies, and all sorts of other things in these easy to make planters such as herbs or even lavender for a pretty accent on an outside table. Also, this is a good way to recycle. I appreciate the idea and am going to get my grandkids down here to help, which makes a good activity for kids... Cool! Thanks, Joygrandma!


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