Plastic Bottle Flowers

looking for a way to reuse plastic bottles? here's a easy, pretty way to give new life to something that may have ended up in the land fill.
  • clear plastic bottle
  • circle hole punch (i used 7/8")
  • glossy spray paint
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • rhinestone, bead, jewel, etc for the center
rinse out your bottle several times to make sure it's nice and clean.
remove the label and cut off the top and bottom. then cut a slit all the way to the top so you can unroll the cylinder (or what's left of the bottle). throw the top and bottom in the recycle bin :o)
use your hole punch to punch out circles. i used 5 circles for each flower.
one bottle yields a LOT of circles!

spray paint one side of each circle. make sure they completely dry.
next, using a small dot of hot glue, attach two circles together. the circles will have a slight curve to them. i glued them so that they curved upwards for a fun 3D effect.
*if you're using a hot temp glue gun, it will melt/warp your circles a little bit. i used hot temp glue gun and it turned out fine, but a low temp might have been better...*
attach a 3rd plastic circle. keep going around attaching circles until a flower is formed.
i used 5 circles total for each flower.
add a rhinestone to the center and you're done!
 i then glued them to a cute little bag to make this fab little clutch. 

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