Tin Can Herb Pots!

What you'll need:
  • Clean, empty recycled cans
  • Hammer and nail
  • Pebbles
  • Seedlings (or seeds and soil if you're starting from scratch)
1. Wash your chosen cans and make sure there are no sharp edges or rough spots. I used cans with the bright label printed right on the metal, but if yours are plain, you might want to paint or decorate them for fun!

Make several holes in the bottom of each can with a hammer and nail.

2. Use a hammer and nail to make several small holes in the bottom of each can. I did three or four on each of mine.

Fill the bottom of each one with pebbles.

3. Fill the bottom of each can with small pebbles, just one layer deep, to help the soil drain well.
4. Gently transplant your seedlings into the planters. (If starting from seed, fill the planters with soil and plant your seeds now.) Water and care for them as suggested, depending on what you're planting. I chose Red Russian kale and Sugar Star snap peas, both of which like full sun.

The kale and sugar snap pea seedlings like living on our porch so far!

5. Put them somewhere special so you'll see the cheerful plants every day! I put ours on our front porch all in a happy green row. Remember, with the holes in the bottom, they may leak when you water them, so if they're inside make sure they're on saucers or dish towels to catch any spills.

These plants will get plenty of sun to grow nicely here, but I can bring them in if it hails or gets too cold. Once they've gotten a bit bigger and hardier, they'll go right into our raised beds. 

6. Transplant the seedlings to your garden when they're ready and the weather cooperates!

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