How to Recycle halloween candy into a Xmas wreath!

First you need curling ribbon, some pretty ribbon to make a bow, a small pair of scissors, an 8" or 9" embroidery hoop, spray paint or colored electricians tape and 3 lbs of hard candy.
You can also use the part of embroidery hoop with the metal closure-- just tape over the metal part to secure it together and make sure you place it at the bottom when hanging.

Did I mention loads of candy

First paint or cover your hoop with colored electricians tape (makes it a little prettier as the candy is removed).  Begin by tying about a 2 yard piece of curling ribbon to the hoop and then covering the knot with tape.

Place a piece of candy on the hoop and tightly wrap the curling ribbon around the hoop catching the tail of the candy wrapper

Continue wrapping the candy to the hoop.  If the curling ribbon runs short tie off the ribbon to the hoop and tie on another piece and begin again.  Wrap the candy as close together as you can so you have a full wreath.

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