Washer Jewelry Tutorial

I saw this tutorial on DIY Creative Juices over a year ago and it has been one of my favorites.  I used this craft in our last MOPS meeting.  Here is what you need.

Some of my instructions have changed over the year.  I also want to mention that you also need some craft glue of some sort that was not in this picture.  I was trying this mod podge product "dimensional magic" instead of judkins diamond glaze. (my opinion:  i like diamond glaze better but for availability and price the mod podge product worked fine for 4.99 at hobby lobby)
ON WITH THE TUTORIAL:  You will need to trace your washer on your scrapbook paper of choice and cut it out.  Use an exacto knife to cut the center circle.

Then you will use the craft glue which i used tacky glue but i have used regular mod podge before to adhere the paper to the washer.

You will need to let it dry.  By the way the picture above is the washer with the glue and the paper was put on directly after.  You don't need to put glue on top of the paper afterwards. Once this is dry I like to sand the edges.  I am pretty rough with my sand paper because i like the scuffed look.  You do this so there is no paper hanging over the edge of the washer which could cause your paper to eventually peel off.

Now you are ready to apply the dimensional magic or diamond glaze.  You want to be somewhat generous with this especially if using the dimensional magic it is not quite as thick as the diamond glaze.

Use a brush to push the glaze to the edges. It looks blue but dries clear.  It takes about 2-3 hours to dry.  Then you can put it on a string.  For this craft I found these snap clasps.  I tied cording to the hoops on them.

Finally put your washer on the necklace.  You can make these two sided too so you get two necklaces in one.  I have also attached rhinestones to them to give another layer to the necklace.  And if you play washers (the game) why not play in style;) I think that would be a great Fathers Day gift for my dad!!

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